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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2005 at 12:12am
Current mood: content
Music: kids.
Subject: stupid bitches talk shit.
well; today. didnt see stephen. well i did in the morning. and after 5th period. but i only saw him for a few seconds because i had to ask heather for a ride home because i dont wanna ride home with michelle. (i dont know if alison is riding home with her). so yeah. im kinda sad about that. i turned to go to heather and stephen screamed BYE EMILY. and i turned around with a depressed face; and was like bye. :\ but he had carissa to walk with him SO EVERYTHINGS OK. but the hallways were so busy; considering we were leaving the portables and it was raining. so everyone was running for some sort of shelter from the rain. and some of the weird kids were dancing around in it.. thats lame if you ask me. but thats besides the point. i was walking with tim brown today and i screamed out I FUCKING HATE ALISON. for no reason; well the only reason would be because i hate her. but i didnt know she was walking down that hallway. ive never seen her there before. but what was even funnier is that at that moment tim asked me if alison was near by and i looked and she was walking by it was so funny. i cant stress enough how much i hate her. i know we've gotten in our little pity fights.. but she went too far this time. and im always the one to give in. well its different now. i dont think she'll ask me to be friends with her. she can go get a boyfriend on her own this time. i wont be there to help her get some pity dick; fucking slut. i cant stop thinking about everything shes done.. and how bad she makes me look. standing next to her; guys wanna get in her pants. with me guys wanna get to know me better. but thats totally besides the point. from what i've heard from the guys shes done stuff with.. "she sucks; man. i didnt even cum". exact words from a few guys. its so funny. i hope she reads this and thinks about how much i know and how horrible and fucking stupid she was towards me. this is the most dumbest entry i've ever posted before. i sound stupid. i dont sound inteligente at all. and another thing; i feel stupid for wasting my time and writing this about her.. shes not worth the time. but since i have nothing else to do i'll keep talking. lol. all she can do is talk shit. and behind my back might i add. she wont say it to my face. its so funny. and im thinking about being friends with me and alisons mask enemy. alicia. i realized alicia didnt do anything wrong for me to hate her. alicia wasnt the one that had sex with alison's (her best friend of 5 years) boyfriend.. i mean we dont COMPLETLY blame alison.. but freedom of speech. she couldve stopped it. but she didnt. shes..... well..... a slut. i said it to her when she walked by before lunch. she deserves every single thing im giving to her. shes so self centered and she thinks everything is about her; when it isnt. and i know im going to lose alot of friends because of this.. but honestly. I DONT CARE. i did nothing wrong. and for her to go and tell everyone that she broke up with her boyfriend (tim brown) because I (MEE!!!) was ALL over him.. BULLSHIT. tim brown is my best friend in the whole world.. why in the world would i be ALL over him? and you know what's funny... alison knew tim for one night and she was ALL over him at homecoming. (that first night). i dont take back anything i've said; and will say. i dont regret it. she deserves every single thing she's going to get. and another funny thing is.. she doesnt do anything BUT talk shit behind my back.

Alison: go ahead and cry your eyes out. go get sympathy from your pathetic in your life kinda friends. because; you know how to do that.. and personally i wont do it anymore. im not going to give you sympathy because your parents got in an accident. im not going to give you sympathy because you lost one of the best friends youve ever had. i wont give you anything but pity. pity for thinking your better than me. you may be older; skinnier and well i was going to say smarter but we all know im smarter.. so yeah. anyways; but i have such a better everything besides looks compared to you. im not a slut. the most ive done is make out. i would never do anything with my bestfriends boyfriend. EVER. and i would never tell your secrets to other people. i would never let someone take my phone and text you and call you a bitch. i would never say "no wonder people call you a bitch" just because you wanted to know if i was alright. i would never ditch you for another guy. never have and now... i never will.

you fucking bitch; i hope you get backstabbed like you backstabbed me.
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