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ChibiKeriana (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2005 at 4:08pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Puddle of-- no, wait. Papa Roach - Scars.
I hate the radio.

Right. I'm Keriana, and I'm the creator of this community. Thing. Yep. Which means I'll be the one updating you on the writing events that are going on and everything.

So, first up, we have NaNoWriMo. A bunch of people trying to write 50,000 words in November. There's still a chance to finish, if you work on it now!

Then, in December, we have SneKoRaMa, which is us writing 50k before the end of December. And on New Year's Eve, at midnight, we'll be writing for 24 hours straight, until it turns to January 1st! That event is titled Resolution, since what better way to hold a resolution about writing than to write?

More details about Resolution will come as it's concrete.

SneKoRama Rules:

- No plagiarism.

That's pretty much it. Now, I need to go finish my NaNo. Seriously.
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