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mle (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2005 at 8:19pm
Current mood: . rock bottom .
Music: . rufio . white lights .
. shouldn't i be writing a paper? .


oh, and add to the pile: ry can't come to the big-little dinner. because the firm that he's interning at next semester has a christmas party.
i'm not kidding - i teared up a bit.
i think he failed me big time as a big...

idk. maybe this plays into the realization that i had about myself and commitments. aside from the fact that my heart is bigger than my free time, i think i just get sick of things. like i throw myself into anything/one new and exciting... then quickly it burns out and i'm stuck in a committment i really have no interest in or desire to put effort into.
like, seriously. story of my life.
what is my fucking deal?

the funny thing is... this falls victim to this trend more often than not- i start an entry, skip around a bit, then stop halfway though what i really wanted to say. this entry is a perfect example.
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