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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 9:16am
this weekend i had the most exhilerating experience. i went to keegans and he worked me really good. my WHOLE body was like spinning. It was great. I finally understand what hard work it is. i mean, i was sweating, breathing hard, and it even a hurt a little bit. they always say that it does. that its not as easy as some may think. keegan stressed that it's all in the form and positions... and you absolutely HAVE to throw your hips into it or it just doesnt work. im so sore today in all the right places...................................................

because we were BREAK DANCING. mwah ha ha. yeah, picture that. little teeny tiny me "breakin it down". *giggles. it was really fun though. you dirty minded fools. pshhh.

break was pretty good... i hate school. i hate being here. i honestly wouldnt mind it as much if it didnt start so early. waking up at 6 is the hardest thing for me to do.... gahh..

i got most all my christmas shopping down this week. noo.. not on black friday, that could have killed me.... did you see that footage of people getting trampled! geeeesh. i got keegan all taken care of which is a HUGE chunk of my shopping. at the end of the holiday season... i'll probably be about 500 dollars in the hole.. and thats only including my mom, keegan, little sister, and brandi. yikes... its a good think i dont have bills to pay.

i feel like scrubbing it the whole rest of the year... yeah... sounds like a plan....

OOOHH.. we ordered my senior pictures yesterday. im so excited to get them back. my mom ordered a ginourmous one too. 16x20 i think it was..... woot hoot!

oook, im pretty sure thats my life so far..
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