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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 7:23pm
Current mood: pessimistic
Music: Venus Hum- Big Beautiful Sky
Subject: Roar.
Today sucked terribly. It all started in Chorus. We had singing tests, and we had to go up in groups of two and sing our part from this song in front of the teacher. Well, the alto's were first (I'm an alto) and I was hoping I'd be paired with someone who knew what they were singing, because I didn't really know the song that well. Well, my time came to sing and instead of one partner, I got two. Lucky, right? Wrong, oh so HORRIBLY wrong. The other girls DIDN'T SING. I was basically by myself singing at the piano, so when I messed up horribly, they did too. It sucked really bad. Then, in Science, this stupid fat jerk accused me of cheating. OK, I'll admit that I wrote two little things on my desk to help me remember, but I erased them before the test even began and he still accused me of cheating. Damn fatty. I know it's really mean, but after the quiz instead of taking notes I just made fun of him. I made up all these fake quotes from him saying he's fat and everything, it was pretty funny. But then, he said the best thing, he said, "I'm really getting hungry..." It was like the icing on the cake, and I started cracking up. So what if everyone thinks I'm crazy? It was funny as hell! The rest of the day was OK, I guess. Everyone seems to be dying from cancer. It's really sad and scary... I'll have to keep them in my prayers.

If it makes cheater kid feel any better, I'm quite positive I failed that quiz.

Let's end on a happy note:

The words of wordless May...
Sing a song to me
She stands as tall as trees these days
The words of wordless May
Dear Jesus make me simple,
Strong as trees to sway
Give me arms wide open
With a beautiful way
Just like wordless May
If there were fields as pretty as you
I'd want to kiss them too
If there were fields as pretty as you
I'd want to kiss them too
If there were eyes so pretty and blue
I'd want to swim them too
If there were skies as pretty as you
I'd want to kiss them too

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