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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 8:46pm
Current mood: :)
Subject: Christmas Break*
I cant wait till *ChRiStMaS bReAk*

Its like forever away, kinda, but idk I can just tell its gunna be WONDERFUL. Iím gunna see everyone I want to see. Im going to get presents, and give presents. I wish I had more money to by more things for my friends. I feel bad that I cant get my friends more things.

Today Rachael bought me theses shoes that Iíve been wanting forever for me for Christmas, but since I already know what they are sheís gunna give them to me tomorrow. I wish I could get her something special, but I donít have the money. I told her that I could buy her 2-3 fish cuz she <3ís fish (weird I know but very true). Its weird, before I met her I would have never guessed fish were so expensiveÖ well for being fish lol. There like $5.00 (normally). But hopefully that makes up for the shoes.

This year since I didnít really have a lot of mulah (money), I only got presents for the people closest to me. I think Iím gunna get some cards for some other people. Its not a present, but itís the thought that counts I guess.

UuggÖ I just cant wait till break. I already have things planned and I just cant wait. We got our Christmas tree and were gunna decorate it this weekend, im excited. I wait for this like all year. I <3 DECORATING THE TREE and listening to Christmas musicÖ *sigh*.

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