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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 7:11pm
WHAP sucks so bad. I'm trying to do it right now but it sucks so i feel like writing about it and how much i hate it. I got a fucking D in it and nothing makes sense and she gives us shitloads and shitloads of work. I never have a free moment at night anymore cause of this fucking homework. It says "inconsistent effort" on my progress report. Inconsistent effort?? I study dude. I do most of my homework and i try but I get so frustrated. I get so so so frustrated cause there is so much damn information and i dont think that it is fucking possible to memorize all this shit and then make fucking connections. If i cant keep the information straight in my head how the hell do i connect it to other things???! I dont cause it sucks. I cant describe my horrible, deep pain that I get when i sit down to do my fucking whap homework. does she even care that we have other fucking homework??? no no no!!!!!!!!! if she did she'd cut the amount in half. i dont like doing 4 hours of homework for 1 class per night. its ridculous and even when i do the work i still dont get it. whats the fucking point?? there isnt one. i am failing it and i dont know how to fix it cause it keeps getting harder and harder and i'm sinking into a hole and there is not a way to climb out of it. fuck it

school sucks ass. i wanna go bury myself.
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