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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2005 at 9:23pm
Music: Ally and Meg's Sweet 16 Mix
Subject: I'm glad I'm not named Reber
I'm such a dork compared to my brother... I definately am a cross between my brother and sister in a big way. I... want to be more like my brother, but at the moment I'm more like my sister. I think... I'm never sure, because there is so much i don't know about my sister. But I was talking to my brother on the phone, since he's leaving for Iraq soon, so he's trying to get in some more conversations.( I also feel bad for never calling him... or anything) But so I asked him when he started experimenting and he told me that it was freshman year for him. I'm trying to get some stuff, just now... I don't know. But I WILL get some stuff and hopefully get high before xmas. Perferablly JR would come with it. But quite possibly not... *shurgs* I don't know maybe I should just tell JR the truth... would that work? OK but drugs. I'm gonna try and talk to JR about it again this week, and try and get some stuff this week or next. Maybe I can convince JR to help me out (!) my first time, if not I'll call Kristen over. I don't want to... waste too much money because xmas is just around the corner, but I plan on making most fo the stuff anyway, so... you know. Does the truth work with boys? Argh... why isn't there some fool-proof plan. Though since I'm more than a fool I'd probably mess it up... I hate being nervous.
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