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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2005 at 1:07pm
Current mood: pissed
Music: very superstitious
Subject: grrr
wow i'm getting behind on the journal writing. maybe if my parents would get my computer fixed like they said they would three months ago. anyways.

we're getting into the holiday season, folks. you know what that means. ass-kicking in the pool every day, twice a day. i actually don't mind it so much, it's just getting to be a little much with school and swimming right now, so i've been tired and too lazy to do any work.

i was SUPPOSED to swim in the EMU invite this weekend, which i was really excited about because whitney and dan and i would all be swimming in a real meet together for the first time since high school. that got shot to hell when i dislocated my shoulder during dryland last night. i am so angry, you have no idea. l was so excited to race, and i had the feeling that i was going to do really well, and then this crap happens.

so now i can't be in the water until after i see the orthopedist, which will be on monday night. (by the way, it's friday afternoon, so that means i'm missing three days and all three meet sessions)

otherwise, stuff is going really well i guess. i'm getting good grades, i had a boring but relaxing thanksgiving break, and i'm pretty satisfied with how everything is going.

i managed to pull an A on the english paper i wrote the hour before i had to turn it into my prof's office, so that was pretty sweet. i also got an A on my spanish paper that i wrote the night before it was due. i'm starting to think this whole university of michigan thing isn't all that hard. if i wasn't an athlete, i would be getting like a 4.0.

hmm. i feel like i used to write in this journal and have so many thoughts to put in front of me that i couldn't keep track of them all. right now i'm kind of drawing a blank. i guess if i think of something good i can come back and write it later.

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