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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2005 at 9:29pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: zz top !
Subject: Zaney !
i never do this but this caught my eye, this is something my friend Caitlin Crews wrote. its good enough to be posted on my journal so hats off to her

- Concrete Funk -
Their bodies pounded funk
into the concrete.
The two lovers poured into the streets
with movement of rhythm and sound
developing in the hot breeze.

Steel beats when all the colors
of brown and yellow defeat.
Dreams carved into bricks
with their names.
Feeling the sabotage of the body,
mixed with the melody
of the two lovers hearts
beating in one direction.

Melancholy lips and swaying hips
discovering the
music together.
Hop of the hip of the soul
along the pavement,
bringing a wave
lifting her ears above the
rhyme of his heart.

Never breaking their mothers back.
Dancing on the cracks
in the groove
along the sidewalks.
Close together
never stepping apart,
their eyes never blinking away
the lines of the hidden concrete funk.

in other news, nothing really exciting .. work work work... my baby comes home in like 5 days for xmas break .. yay
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