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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2005 at 4:42pm
Current mood: Anxious
Music: Jingle Bell Rock
Subject: ((WeEkEnD))
My mom and I just got done decorating our Christmas tree. It all pretty! We went shopping today for me for Christmas lol. She bought me 2 new winter coats. We were only suposta get oneÖ but I couldnít decide so we got both. I get one now, and then one at Christmas. I know some of my presents for Christmas from my mom. Cuz Iím getting those 2 winter coats, (1 early) and Iím getting a Nextel, and Iím getting that early too (probably next week). And from my dad Iím probably just getting money cuz he never ďknows what to get meĒ, which in other words is I donít feel like going out and getting you something so ill just put money in a card lol.

Anyways: on friday I went to the movies with Andrew. We saw the dumbest movie on planet earth: AeonFlux. Then me and Jordan went to Rockford to see how much its gunna be to get our nails done and thatís about all I did, besides shopping with my mom and decorating the tree. Christmas break is coming up. Thank God.

I cant friggen WAIT to get my Nextel. Uuhh I want it now lol.

Iím so glad I got all my Christmas shopping done already. Normally I wait till like the last possible day to do it so I feel kinda of relieved. Anyways: hope everyone had a fun weekend.
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