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strawberrie (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2005 at 2:09pm
Current mood: bored
Music: some kids cd player
Subject: In the libary at school...this is the only site that works!
Hey everyone whats up not much here at all stuck at school for an hour because i only have 6 classes and fucking for SGA (student government) we have to be here at 3 (i get out at 1:50) for joint session which is every first tuesday of every month... ughh these are the times i really wish i didnt fuck up driving and i had my own car so i can fucking just leave and come back in an hour.... normally i would with Eric but his cars in the shop :( hmmm doo i still have 49 minutes ughh oh soo yeah this past weekend i went to BaKe SalE got baked lol but no it was soo much fun... there was soo many people i knew that i saw there i dont even wanna name them all the only band tho that i acutally went n saw was story of the year n it was for like 5 minutes but i heard all the bands n had fun... i wanna go back next year n deff. do it different...

we were supposed to leave chelseas at 11 ended up going to park vista to meet up with people at 1 got there at like 230 n then had to come all the way back cause michie didnt know i put my ticket in her purse so she only grabbed one n not 2 oops... i used a straight shooter for my first time CrAzy idk what else to write about so i guess ill stop boring everyone because im bored lol....

update whenever the day comes...

Love always♥ Heather
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