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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2005 at 5:17pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: badd (why?)
Subject: dreams
last night- i was driving up a steep hill and my car could barely make it (it was like a 80 degree angle) so i was pushing down really hard on the accelerator and then i was peddling and i was on a bike and once i got to the top i let myself go backwards- it was hella scary but i was doing it for some reason. so i did that a couple times. then i saw my mom and she nonchalantly said something about my dog being dead and i was really sad.

the night before- i came into my kitchen and there was a table in front of the door and on the table this SUPERCUTE indigo and black parrot (aka not a real species) was sitting there. and my mom kept telling my brother and i either not to play with it or that we couldnt keep it... i think both. so then she left and it was looking kinda sad cuz it wanted attention but i was afraid of touching it because my mom might come in and tell me to stay away from it. so my brother and i were both sitting there for a while and then decided to go talk to it and pick it up anyways because it was so cute.

the night before- tara and i were in assembly and there was a guy sitting in the front about to make a presentation or speech or something and the person he LOOKED like was this gorgeous italian soccer player so tara and i were basically just discussing his appearance. but i was like oh yeah its that economist from colubia whos the head of FIFA (instead of who i know he really is) and i thought id have to tell my friends at columbia that he talked to our school.

now i really wish our guest speaker tomorrow would be an italian soccer player...
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