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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2005 at 9:42am
So i guess i was supposed to hang out with kurt last night but i blew him off. so basically ruined are friendship and anything that we may of ever had again, because he told me if i did that again he wasnt going to talk to me anymore and that he was just going to stop trying because it's not worth his time. sooo yes i think i decided that i need to be open and faithful to josh and really work on our relationship. Because honesty there is really nothing wrong between us, i just think at some times i get scared because its the rest of our lives that we are talking about. Kinda scary that is.
Christmas is coming soon, im soooooo excited cause that means KANE IS COMEING HOME!!!! AS WELL AS NIKKI!!!!!! it should be very fun im soo happy i love them to death.....
Anyways i gotta finish my english paper so i dont have to come back to this lovely class but then it kinda sucks because this is my internet time....
Everyone have a wonderful WEEKEND!!!!
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