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greyXmatter (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2005 at 11:11am
Current mood: content
Subject: It was a Laura weekend.
Sunday, July 24, 2005

So I spent this entire weekend plus two at Laura's casa. Here's the getdown:

Got to Laura's house and said hey to Chris and layed on her comfy bed while talking to Pissy Missy. Had some kickass icecream and went to sleep.

Woke up nice and early and had bagels and went to Camelbeach... I went on some toiletbowl ride and then the wavepool... I saw this incredibly adorable kid and all I wanted was to talk to him but I couldn't figure out how to do it cause we were in a wavepool and it was weird. He kept looking at me and smiling then looking away, then when I wanted to see if he was looking at me, I'd look over and he was and he and I both smiled and looked away... AHH! It sucked so bad. I never got to talk to him.

Kinda chilled out and I think people came over, I don't rememeber... it might have been Friday night. WAIT A TICK. It was. Okay scratch that. So we just chilled and played pool then went to the rodeo... which was awesome... We were the best cheerers there and there were some damn hott cowboys checkin' us out and we were checkin' out some damn hott cowboys... hahaha... Anyways... Then we were waiting for the chute doggin' and the rodeo clown asked for 4 volunteers for "something" but he didn't mention what, so of course I raised my hand and he picked me, then I forced Laura to go, too... we both went in with two other guys and he gave us each a baseball bat. We spread out evenly (like 50 feet away) around a cone with a ball on it. Then he goes, "Okay, take the baseball bat, put the end on your head and the other end on the ground and circle around 20 times, then run to the cone and hit the ball off of the cone. Whoever's first wins." I spun and spun and of course the clown put ME closest towards the audience so my ass was like revolving and guys were hootin' and hollerin... then I ran to the center and SMACKED THAT MOFO and I WON!! It was so great. So we were walking out all drunk-like and some 13 year old cowboy came out to Laura and was like "Hey can I have your number?" He was so freakin cute... he was a steer rider. (He's graduating to bulls next week. ) That was really cute...then on the way home I talked to Darren and Kirk then went to sleepies.
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