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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2005 at 11:43am
Subject: Hum De Dum..
I don't have much to write about these days, as you may have noticed in my past few entries. I didn't like the four feather pillows I purchased. Gave two to my parents and at first they liked them, now I hear the same complaint I had. Offered to return them and they said it's not worth the hassle. Actually, to me, it is. I returned my first online purchase a few weeks ago and just last night received an email saying they got it.. took a while but at least that defies my mother when she says companies just steal returned items. It won't cost more than $5 to return the pillows and having extra money never hurt.

Well, just called the bank and asked them to hold my card so no more fraudy companies can steal from it. (sigh) There goes $220, fucking shitheads.

Sucks because I've had two cards that connect to the same account, and now when I get a new one I'll probably only have one card. I liked having two though. I'm just glad I have money in my paypal account to still buy prezzies before Christmas. This Thursday is payday so maybe my lazy ass will decide to stop by the bank then, and not before (like I think the bank expected me to do). I'll probably stop by my mom's today anyway, and maybe I'll stop by the bank on the way. Hum.

Was trying to figure out what online accounts I had that connects to my -- now old -- card. I swear I had several but right now I can only think of Blockbuster Online. Paypal too, I suppose. Amazon also, but I don't buy from there.. hum. Whatever.

There are now three computers in this room, for "ultimate gaming". Lately it's been Starcraft. Maybe we'll switch back to Counter-Strike when we all get bored. Hooked up some gaming router of sorts, though we have yet to see a real difference.

Hum hum.. received the prezzie I ordered for Jonathan. (Shh, don't tell him.) It's a clear-orange xbox case. I'm still waiting for my damned LED kit for the xbox, which I ordered nearly two weeks ago.. I'm so used to 5-7 day shipping, this blows.

So off topic, but last night I had a crazy dream. I swear I was awake and Maddie (a little doggy I mentioned before) got into the room and jumped on the bed. Being that the bedding is new I told her to get down, but the words came out so slurred and mumbled it made absolute no sense. I heard noises outside the room that told me someone was up playing Starcraft. The only person who would be that was Kevin, although it was around five or six in the morning and he had school. Maddie eventually jumped down and left the room, and as I went to close the door, the door closed by itself. Must've been Kevin.. I recall thinking there were two skeletal ghosts in the room staring down at me. One was red, one was green. Then I heard a soft, 'meow'. Ok, the cat's also in the room, I thought. And this is where I think I really did wake up. I got out of bed and opened the door and told the cat to leave. No cat left. There was no cat in the room. Then I went back to bed and slept. No mas crazy dreams.

Hum De Dum.
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