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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2005 at 3:49pm
The Scene: Geek Squad Precinct inside of Best Buy (Portage), work bench by customer service.

Who's There: Myself, and fellow Agent Tom.

What's Going On: I'm disassembling a 5 disc CD/DVD stereo/player, and removing the discs inside that the customer (younger mexican guy) was unable to get out.

*Pulls out tray one* Me: "hmm...House of Flying Daggers...i've heard that's a great movie!"

Tom: *nods in agreement*

*Pulls out tray two* Me: "Hmm...some old ass martial arts flick! Dragon Kung Fu Fury? Not my type...."

Tom: *Laughs*

*Pulls out tray three* Me: "Young Teens; Making The Grade, 5 hours of hot footage.....Are. You. Serious." *starts to laugh*

Tom: *chuckles* "No wonder he wanted them back!"

*Grabs Ralph, sales manager* Me: "Ralph...check this out!"

Ralph: "Hmm....i'd burn a copy of it!!"

*Fifteen Minutes Later, after calling the customer and telling them their discs can be picked up*

Mexican Customer: *Giggling with his friend*

Me: *Grinning and handing discs back with porno on top* "Here ya go guys, have a nice day"

Moments like that are why I love my job!
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