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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2005 at 3:09pm
Current mood: apathetic
Music: A bizzare mixture of Tippin on Fo Fo'z and Stairway to Heaven... 0.o
Subject: Cold-age.
It's cold. Yes, yes it is. It snowed a bunch so we got a snow day on last Friday (YES! My snow dance WORKED!!!) It was really a good thing because I had all these stupid tests to study for. One in nearly every class. Damn them, damn them to hell. Other that that, I went to Lynne's Christmas shindig and I got some sexy flower light things to make my room even SEXIER. I know, it's unfathomable. We had fun, watched Spirited Away, played DDR, ate some lasagna, and I destroyed my knee while doing an awesome ninja/matrix move. It was pretty painful. Other than that, my homie wants me to go to a concert of hers tonight but I don't have a ride and I'm all around too lazy. What a great friend! Oh flipping well, I'll buy her Bio Brolly and atone for my sins. Well, that's it. My life is pretty boring...

But I am under the strong impression that my Mother purchased me NINTENDOGS for Christmas!!!!! 0.0

Later, kids.
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