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greyXmatter (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2005 at 3:36pm
Current mood: cold
Music: Fall Out Boy - [Take This to Your Grave]
The one for giving up on me. And one just cause they'll kill you sooner than my expectations. To my favorite liar, to my favorite scar; I could have died with you. I hope you choke on those words, that kiss, that bottle- confess. Now ask yourself, yeah, out on the insides. I said I loved you but I lied. Lets play this game called "When you catch fire." I wouldn't piss to put you out. Stop burning bridges and drive off of them so I can forget about you. So bury me in memory. Wrap it tight around your throat. On the drive home, joke about the chick you used to see, and her jealousy. Breaking hearts has never looked so cool, as when you wrapped your car around a tree, her makeup looks so great next to your teeth.

Bury me in memory.

Tonight is all about I miss you, and I can't forget your smile and your cynicism, somehow you were always the first one to listen to everything I said. My smile's an open wound without you, and my hands are tied to pages inked to bring you back.

Tonight I'm writing you a million miles away.

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