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greyXmatter (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2005 at 3:39pm
Current mood: cold
Music: Taking Back Sunday - [Tell all your Friends]
Thank the good lord I got paid today. 100 whammies.
Just so I can go out and spend it on ... not myself.

Two little fuckers broke into our church and stole all the Christmas presents for the little kids, wrote "The Devil Is Coming" on the KID'S chalkboard, trashed everything, and left all the doors and windows open. The stupid fuckers have absolutely no balls. Nice to know they were so intelligent as to leave one of their sweatshirts behind... they're arrested. I just want to know who it is. It was a 15 and a 17 year old, but no one is giving out names. Oh well.... I'll find out eventually. To think, I used to go to school with these fuckers? How lame.

I haven't worked any horses in like 2 weeks. It's awful. The weather is so cold... What the hell is this 23 degrees for a high bullshit? Um, I don't know. It is quite un-cool.

I have the day off tomorrow.

God, it was so nice to hear Kirk's voice. ....uhh.... and his laugh. His darling fucking laugh that I missed so much. That was the first thing I ever noticed about him. hahaha. ahhh, Kirkus. You get me almost every time. Slightly intoxicated and a bit cut up.


I'll see you all this evening. Have a SPLENDID one!
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