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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2005 at 10:25pm
i just registered for my ACTs after my mom came in my room and fucking attacked me.

she walks in and says "you need to see your guidance officer or something" i turn and look at her like what the fuck.. and she starts going off about college and how its not her responsibility to line it up for me and in that same five minutes it some how spirialed to if i dont go to college i cant live here and blah blah blah.

you dont just COME into my room and tell me that i need to see a counselor and expect me not to get pissed off. i had no idea what the fuck she was talking about until she started in on her rant.

if its SO important to her then why is this the first time i've heard of it? and it was totally out of the blue.. completely random.

of COURSE im going to college.. but im going to CC... i havent been terribly worried that they wont let me in. i mean for the love of god woman...

so in retaliation i filled in all that un-needed information for like an hour and woke her up to get her credit card number. TAKE THAT! HA! laughs* whatever.

im so sick of all this "realization" stuff that its almost over. i dont care about anything except that its DONE. college will come when it comes... which i've ALWAYS been planning will be the very next year dear mother.... and life will follow shortly after.

im ready for bigger better things... away from everything here that has ever givin me limitations.

and on a second thought.... im about to go loco on the entire yearbook class. granted.. its a select few that make it miserable.. well.. not miserable because yearbook is pretty much the best thing ever.... more like irritating and stressful. FUCK YOU stupid people! YEAH..... i love my bitches. (stacy, jess and jess) well..i love alison too.. but she's to sweet to be refered to as my bitch! not that they're MY bitches.... but they know what i mean.

night dolls.
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