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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2005 at 5:24pm
Current mood: tired
Music: placebo
Subject: stuff.
well hey, i had did have a whole load of new thoughts running around in my head just waiting to be written down but know i can't think of them and am kind of stuck as to what to write.lifes kinda good for me at the moment, i mean its far fron perfect and im frigging tired but its still, you know, good. i keep have the strangest feelings of confusion and lonelyness striking through a mountain of ultra happy thoughts!!! its beginning to frustrate me. im going to london on friday, should be good. my sisters pregnant again which is excellent. johnny depp is moving down the road soon which is just totally unbelievable. i have a scary little admirer- remember that randy little bugger that i was talking about the other day? well hes really freaking me out now. and he keeps coming up to me and grabbing my butt. i tell him to stop, he doesnt. i usually end up hitting him really hard and hiding behind sarah. i am not a natrally violent person so i feel uncomfortable hitting him- but if needs be!! and keep getting a load of hugs off boys- this is ultra ultra weird because ive never really had that many friends that are boys before. and sarah and lily both like the same guy so their always a bit upset so i keep getting hugs off them. and then he told sarah that he really liked her so i got and ecstatic hug off her. you know what- i think its the most contact ive ever had in my life. my parants and i never hug, i hate to be hugged by them i feel horrible if they hug me. ive always felt really awkward hugging people but suddenly all of my friends have turned into serial huggers! there are 3 kinds of contact that i have never had a problem with- in fact i think that one of them is the most intimate and romantic thing that you can ever do with anyone (i told that to sarah and she thinks its sweet but its not- i genuinely think that- it gives two people a connection) those things are, holding hands, leaning on one another (me and my friends never used to walk anywhere without some one to lean on!) and someone stroking my head. i have a thing about that- i really love it, dont ask me why, i always have. also having my hair brushed really slowly.
sorry for the ultra long entry- am feeling kinda babbley!!!.
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