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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2005 at 11:07am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: 10 Years - Cast It Out
Subject: Just Woke Up?

I don't now. Havn't felt the need to update.
Just been lazy and not wanting to write.
Actually... havn't had the desire to write...
anything at all... for like the past couple months...
O_o;; Sucks.

Anyway. Random update.
About a dream.
Sort of.

First part... I dunno. Was back at my old highschool.
Me 'n Matt get into my friend Adam's brother's car.
"The Beast" ... it's a cool car. I can't describe it at the
moment though. Anyway. Matt somehow has the keys
and starts it up. But it drives odd and he ends up scratching
the paint and shit. So he's like.. "Oh shit, Emil is going
to kill me!" And takes off. I don't know why. I tell Emil,
since he is sitting outside the school with a bunch of his
friends. And they all take off after Matt. XD Lmao. Woke up
at that point. Fell back asleep.

Second dream.

Don't know what school I was at. Or what really was going on.
Me and a friend. I think it was Matt again, or someone. Can't
recall clearly at the moment. =/ ... All I remember is that
there was this classroom down one hall, in this alcove away
from others. And that's apparently where they kept kids that
went crazy and stuff. ... Before I got there though, me and whomever
were looking around for Dai. And we found Mary so I asked where
the hell Dai was. She said Dai had flipped out; gone crazy or something and was put in that class room. So me 'n whomever
book it over there. Starin' in through the window. Kids are seated like in a normal class. The one guy Dai is sitting next to reminds me of this guy David I used to know. So I get his attention and he eventually gets Dai's attention. Random hand motions and moving lips. And then school ends. Me 'n whomever go into the room; I think it was Matt at this point. I start to ask Dai why she was in there, and Matt's like "All right! Grab her! We're bustin' out of here!" XD ... And I was like "No! We can't." And the teacher lady came up and said that in order to get someone out or anything we needed a written consent of a parent that the kid could live with who ever. So... I was like... "Fine. My mom'll say yes. I'll be back." .. So I hug Dai and me 'n Matt start to leave. And I wake up. ...... O_o;;;; Pretty randomly odd dream.

So yep. That's it for todays random fuckin' update.
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