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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2005 at 9:08pm
Wooh! I made honor roll. Go me.

Its weird...but I've decided that I miss Andrea a lot right now.

I think Im starting to like the fact that no one reads this anymore..I might actually be able to write whatever I want for once without people giving me shit about it.

Well....Tony is in Florida right now...or at least on his way there. He's gonna be gone for my birthday :( But its totally cool cuz I know he is having fun. Or at least I hope he is. Well, I miss him. But I know us being apart a little bit at a time is gonna help us alot. SO yea..

My birthday is in 5 days. (December 20th) so Im looking forward to that alot. Saturday Im going to a birthday dinner thing and then to the Winter Snow Ball....which I have nobody to go with since Tony is gone. This is gonna be really weird. I havent gone to a formal dance alone ever. Im gonna feel like a loser!!

LOve you Tony, and I miss you.
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