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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2005 at 4:11pm
Current mood: drained
Music: Phantom of the Opera
Subject: Derdy's and blowfish!
Well, I'm going to see the Phantom of the Opera tonight! Yay! It's for my sister's birthday! Yay! She'll be 18! Yay! Old enough to legally buy AND star in porn! Yay! I just put the ornaments on the Christmas tree(kinda late...)! Yay! I'm drained! Yay!

My weekend is full. I have homework, this musical, Christmas shopping, and on Sunday I have to spend nearly the whole day at school because of a Christmas concert. -.- I hate having to do crap on the weekends, it's the only time busy little Freshman get to relax. I guess they're just cramming us before winter break. If I get work on winter break, I kill things.

Bye! ^.^
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