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highlyevolved (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2005 at 11:27pm
Subject: this is what it is
It's finally time for me to accept that life is way to short to be living it for other people. And it's also time for me to stop comparing myself to other people. The countenance of most things are different from what they truly are. So while I can hear about how certain people get accepted to Harvard and other prestigious schools, I won't let it bother me anymore. Because I know a lot of people cheat and a lot of people were taken advantage of for quite a few of you to get where you are going. I bet they're happy they tricked the big ol' Ivy League....which brings up the fact that the most prestigious colleges in America fucked up. Imagine that. Maybe those people will realize their admittance was a mistake eventually. But in reality, I am happy for my friends who have been accepted to college...because they worked for what they got honestly. And were punctual and stuff. We've come a long way, haven't we?
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