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mydecadesunder (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2005 at 9:51pm
Current mood: jealous
Subject: UM sup?
Hey whats goin on? im here chillin im not grounded ne more! I am so happy that andy got his Christmas wish to have sam!he got it (yay andy!) but ya I wish i could have my wish!! lol uhh it makes me so mad! ok well it might sound cheesy but ne way I like this person and so does alot more people and when ever he is around girls that like him he treats me like crap! but these girls are so freakin UGLY!! EWWW I cant believe it I think im prettier maybe! or maybe im being selfish! ok well Thanx 4 listening! luv ya all! buh bye!♥Alicia I love you all!
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