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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2005 at 11:07pm
Current mood: every emotion bundled together doused in gasoline
Music: radiohead- creep (acoustic, to be precise)
Subject: college! woo!
ive literally snapped and gone crazy from being in a weird hyper state, expecting my important letters from colleges for a week now. i know i didn't get into MIT, but i'd be proud of myself if it was a deferral, and i really just want the frickin letter already. that was sent 2 fridays ago but supposedly they had mailing issues (and snow), but by now everyone has it anyways. then theres chicago, which im hoping is an acceptance letter, that everyone has already too. no mail for me. stupid fuckin PO box why cant i have a mailbox the post office workers are lazy whores. ffffpppggmotherfucker.

but speaking of rejection letters, i read that on the princeton app in the "a few details" section they just want you to be honest. who votes i do this:
*book- i may have to say kite runner just because of the part where the kid took out the evil guys eye, it reminded me of my favorite part of kill bill. sweetness.
*website- milkman dan comics... here
*recording (ivy-league for "cd")- blood sugar sex magik by red hot chili peppers. by far the best cd ever. don't even bother disagreeing with me.
*keepsake- a square of 4 little mosaic pieces i stole from pompeii... the last one left in this pretty broken up rubbley room and no one was around so i pulled it out of the dirt. it reminds me of pompeii :).
*movie- kill bill. see "kite runner".
*source of inspiration- talking to friends online late at night when i havent finished my homework
*news source- i dont religiously read one newspaper... i glance at the pictures in whatevers in front of me or sometimes read an article if the headline mentions murder
*2 adjectives your friends would use to describe you- weird, crazy

anyways now ive moved on to the godfather soundtrack... and its making me cry. not in a depressed way, just crying. im so glad i dont do drugs.

ps katherine and i had a very intellectually stimulating conversation that i wish i wrote about on the stanford app...
k: my mom makes ASIAN spaghetti
k: you can't beat that in terms of weirdness
a: hahahaha
a: welll you know what they say about marco polo stealing china's ideas
a: also i read (for italian homework) that italians didnt HAVE tomatoes until explorers got some from america
a: so like, 1500s
a: and if they got the idea of pasta from marco polo's trip to china that was probably 1500s right
a: what the fuck did italians eat before then?!!!
k: hahaha
k: those cheaters
a: i guess olives
k: olive sauce...
k: yummy
well now i have a research project for my "italian cultural studies" focus at columbia... or "italian studies" at berkeley... or archaeology/anthropology/ancient studies anywhere
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