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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2005 at 8:13pm
Current mood: Calm
Music: Diamonds- Kanye West
Subject: ((Week))... So Far
Yesterday was pretty fun. I went over to Jordan's at like 10:30 and we baked Christmas cookies like for 4 hours! Then we took a break and decided we didn°Įt want to make any anymore. Then Jordan wanted to go get her glasses, so we went and got her glasses lol. We stopped at Kerrilynn's for like 2.5 just to say hi. Then we came back to her house and sat there until like idk 6:00ish. Then we went and baked cookies with Joeys mom haha. Then I went home and went to bed, fun huh?
Today I'm not sure what I'm doing. But tomorrow Demmers is coming over and were gunna party lol. Then were gunna stop by the camp reunion for a couple hours. Then me and Demmers and Tia are gunna go party some more lol. Sounds like fun to me.
<3 K

Today was pretty fun, yay! I didnít really get out of bed until like 12:30. Then I didnít really know what I was gunna do but I didnít really want to just sit at my house so I got ready, for what I didnít know, and I gave a couple people a call. So I ended up going to Kerrilynnís for a couple hours. The only thing we really did was pretty much: watched the Tyra Banks Show with Kevin lol, and after that Kassie and Kerri and me just pretty much sat on our butts and talked about Kerri going to Africa for 2 years :( and some other sad stuff. Im just happy i got to see her today. Anyways so then after that whole deal- I went back to Jordanís and pretty much made cookies, again. Iím kinda all cookied out.

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