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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2005 at 7:00pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Music of the Night...
Subject: Chistmas Cheer!!!!
Well, what's poppin' sons. Today is my sisters birthday. Yay! She's 18! You know what that means? PORN!!!!! Anyway... Christmas is really, really soon! It sucks that we still have school though... The school board must hate us. -.- It's not just that, but we also have to study for exams over the break. Great, just what I want to do! Not only that, but then Katie and I have to drive... 2 days... In a car... To Florida. PEACHY. Oh well, I'm still excited for Christmas!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA WAS SO FLIPPIN LIKE A PANKEYKE GOOD!!! It made me cry, and it was all cute and romantic, and the scenery was really cool, and the chandelier was awesome, and the music was superb...

But the Wishbone addition was so much better.

Seriously though, it was awesome. I highly recommend it. You know it's good when I say superb, OK?

Later G Dawgs.
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