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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2005 at 3:29pm
This morning, i had a strange dream.

i was on an airplane for a school trip (?), and for some reason, it never lifted off the ground. i was no longer on the plane, and upon being fifty or so feet away, i realised it was under a bridge on the beach of the lake (?). i knew that the plane would soon blow up, and began to run. The plane blew up, the bridge above it crumbled, the ground cracked down the beach, and half the city shook. i turned around when the explosion finished. the plane was upside-down, the bridge ended just over the water, and i was overcome with worry for katie(?), who was inside the plane. i ran over, screaming for her. i opened the door and saw her face with someone elses. i tried to communicate that she needed to get out, and someone was huge enough to pick up the plane and try to shake her out, with no go. her father had already exited the plane, and we decided that he, unharmed, should get the people inside. she finally came out; no one died, but our biggest deal was that the school projects had all been ruined.
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