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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2005 at 1:34pm
Current mood: sick
Music: The Matrix - Lobby Fight Scene
Subject: I could be the one that comes to set this right. I could be the one to fucking KILL YOU.
"This is Reality"
-Thursday, December 22: 4am.

[ Part of a waking dream with the beginning. Leaning more toward the previous nights notions. The feeling I got in my stomach when I got that phone call... blah. ]

Broken arm
Swings with broken fist
The walls echoing with subtle vibrations
I can feel the spark of kinetics as I draw back
Only to press forward again
The quiet friction smiles in a sense
Bloodstained brick dancing with torn skin
An endless choreographed murder scene of emotion
With a musical score set to the drowning of anger
To pain, to pain
It withers

My thoughts lay strew across the sidewalk
Glittering breathless and beaten amid shards of glass
And more circle my head
To soon follow suit

Silent tears scream louder
Than the rage falling incoherent from my lips
I collapse unto the wall's embrace
I feel something inside has been forced past its breaking point

Praying aloud with no one to hear me
Aside from the wall and my own ears
I wish I could be there
With you
And kill off each of your fears
My heart aches and my stomach twists knots
Slidding to my knees with only remnants of your words
Clinging feverish to the corners of my mind
And an echo of your voice

"...I love you..."

The random picture you sent is all I have to hold
I find it beside me here
As I shake kneeling down in the cold

Pushing against the wall with lethargic attempts to get back up
Stuck here with the weight of the world
And this half ingested overload
I'll wait until the very notion of time is forgotten
For you

I know you've heard it all before
But I always want to say it again
With bile and a rising pressure in my throat
And the winds casting stones

I'm here
Seek me out
Broken hands
Hold a broken comfort
It would be made whole for you
I'll be waiting,
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