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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2005 at 12:29am
Current mood: stressed
Music: all american rejects-dirty little secret
Subject: ho ho ho!
so i'm home for christmas break. it's been about six days now, and it's not as great as i hoped it would be. it's also going by way too fast for me to handle. i guess it's just because of the fact that there is never anything going on in the city of trenton. whenever i come home, i end up sitting around all day. i mean, there are people i want to see and everything, but besides that, i don't ever do anything exciting when i'm home.

both of my brothers were sick on monday and tuesday, and now i have whatever it is they had, except worse. my tonsils are so big that there is no space in the back of my mouth for me to breathe. my throat is killing me, my nose is stuffy, and my chest is full of shit that makes it hard to inhale. merry effing christmas to me.

right, christmas. it's the day after tomorrow. i'm not that excited about it. not for any particular reason...i'm just not that excited. what i am excited for is puerto rico. we leave the 26th!! that means that in three days' time, i will be on the beach, baby! i am definitely going to get my ass kicked at practice, but i don't even care. i need some warm weather. plus, i'll get to put my espanol skills to use with the locals.

speaking of espanol, it has afforded me an excellent opportunity. my mom works for a catering company that serves people in the club level at ford field, so she gets to work the superbowl (me=jealous). her boss just told her that they need people who can speak spanish to work the superbowl and serve the area where all of the hispanic media will be. which means, drumroll please, that because i speak spanish, i might get to go to the superbowl, bitches!!!!!!!!!! not only that, but i will be getting paid like 23 bucks an hour to do it. yesss!

this semester just ended, and i'm pretty sure i got about a 3.5, which is okay, but not as good as i wanted it to be. i was counting on at least a B+ in my american culture class because it was graded on a curve, but, and i kid you not on this one, someone had to go and score a 100 on every part of the class AND do extra credit. so that curve basically just got ruined by someone who's probably doing the professor. i ended up with a B-, which is the worst grade i have ever gotten on a report card in my life. i don't even know if i have ever gotten a B before. i'm not too stressed about it, it just bugs me that someone had to go and ruin it for everyone else. like why not get a 93, that way you would still have the A and not completely destroy everyone else's grades? who knows with some people.

anyways, the only reason i'm writing right now is because i am sitting here in my house, sick, with nothing to do. i'm going to practice at 3, but i don't even know if i will make it through that considering the current state of my respiratory system.

by the way, i hate guys right now. they have this extraordinary talent for screwing me and my friends over, simply because of the fact that we might believe that they could be considerate human beings. i'm not going to go all psycho feminist on you, but if one more guy treats me or one of my friends with disrespect, he will be getting a swift kick in the balls, at the VERY least.

i'm kind of sick of the drama that's been going on with my team, which is one reason i am glad we're on break. everyone needs to just take a chill pill and let the estrogen level sink back down to normal. i hate being involved in drama, i don't like causing it, i would never do anything to hurt a friend or teammate. i don't understand why the rest of my teammates can't understand this about me and about each other. it's sort of like the guy dilemma. be respectful, treat everyone how you want to be treated.

it's not that i'm angry at anyone, and i hope that no one is angry at me, but i feel like the tension level among every single person at the university of michigan has risen to an all-time high, and i'm sick of it.
it's good to be home and not distracted by anyone acting like a toddler.

anyways, my mom finally bought cereal after me asking her to for a week, so i'm going to go and eat it.
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