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EyesOfCrystal (profile) wrote,
on 12-26-2005 at 7:04pm
Pheew. What a Christmas Break I have been having. So many weird, crazy, unexpected things have happened. But its been fun. I got sick a few days ago. It frikin sucked. I woke up at 5am, thought "oh shit" and then ran up the stairs and threw up in the toilet. It was horrible. I havent thrown up in a while.....and i wish i hadent.! Yuck! I couldnt breathe or anything and i got really shakey. We thought I had food poisoning at first, but then my dad said there was a 12-24 hour bug going around that resulted in those symptoms. I still wasnt sure...but now Tony has the exact same im guessing thats what it was.

Umm...well Ben came over today. We had a really good time. He hung out in the room for an hour or so, and then me and him and tony went to check the movies but we missed the times. So then we went to Meijers and....oh we looked at video games, and I got some starbucks!! Yummm. Then we went bowling and then played pool. Then we went back to meijers....and now Ben is gone again. He had to go to a family Christmas party. But we might see him again before he heads back to California. I hope we do anyway.

Well...I guess thats it.
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