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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2005 at 1:20am
the best christmas present i could have recieved


the time we have had has been good-shitty. i look at the times when we first hung out and i remember maine too. i wish life was like the week in maine. at times i hate you i want to just leave you on the side of the road and drive off you make me mad at times. i wouldnt trade the times we have even though i hate the bad times. i like you and i cant hide it, but i'm just scared to "commit" to you. i care too much to take you, and then hurt you. but i never would do that to you. lol you told me to write that i care about you. lol no but really i do, and when your out with ppl i guess i am jealous. but when your with those kids i hate it. i get really jealous and i cant stand it, but who am i to say anything. i dont know anymore to say ive said alot. im sorry :( but i <3 you

<3~ Dana
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