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whispers (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2005 at 6:25pm
Music: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Subject: Suck.
I got Franz Ferdinand in the mail. Not the cd I orded, but their first one. I'll keep it though because I do like this one song. I'll just have to get their other cd later. Asses.

Alright, so I'm on the quest of a new job. My boss, fuck man Lee, is a fucking douche bag whore and needs to die tonight. That'd be the best last Christmas present ever. He fucking yells at me infront of customers so he can look like a big hot shot. Well, fuck that. Tanya's getting sick of it, and so am I. So, job hunting again. Yes. Gag me.

Oh, Happy Totally-Not-In-The-Spirit New Years. 2005 was good to me. Made a ton of new friends, got rid of a bitch of a friend, my future is set and ready to take action, I got my first job, Anne kissed me.. lol. Whatever! I love my friends. Anne, Ross, Liz, Allison, Dennis.. so on n so forth.

I'm gonna go play a game. I don't feel like going anywhere today. I'm taking the night off from people and life. Hope everyone has a great party to go to. My great party is totally gonna be in my basement with Head Hunter.

Scratch that. Anne convinced me to go to Bradford's. So, I'll be there at 8 until whenever I decide to leave. Great days.
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