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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2006 at 9:42pm
Devin asked me out and...

I said no.
Now, don't get any ideas. It was handled well and I had my reasons. I told him we need to hang out a few more times and when he knows, and I mean really knows, he can ask me in person.

I want things to go right with all of this.
And I want to be entirely honest with him.
He completely understood and thought it was for the best.
He said he didn't even want to ask me this way, he just felt like he had to and couldn't wait.
I understand completely, because I feel like I want to be with him as well. But, I know it's not smart for either of us right now.

We'll see what happens.
He's so great and I want things to go perfectly and to last. I don't want some lame one month thing.
So, in the end handling it how I did was a very good idea.
I don't want to lose this kid and I won't. Whether we date or stay friends, I want him there. And he will be.

With all that said, goodnight.
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.
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