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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2006 at 9:14am
i just about have the best most wonderfulest boyfriend in the entire world.

everyday he amazes me in a whole new way.

last night my sister was sick. (she's 5) and if you know me at all... im the same as my mom. we dont take to well to.... errmmm.. you know ( i dont even like to say it) i remember this because it was the same way when i was growing up. call it weak stomachs i guess...... but keegan stayed at our house last night and helped take care of shelby.

everytime she had to get sick he stood behind her stroking her little back and telling her that it would all be ok. then he cleaned her little face off and talked to her about random things to get her mind off it. just watching how good he is with her makes me want to melt. he could have just left, no one asked him to stay... but he cares about her so much that he wanted to help.. and he wanted to help my mom.

how many guys would do that? i really did get a good one and will by no means let him go.

and waking up this morning was so much nicer knowing i had someone by my side.
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