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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2006 at 11:30am
Current mood: giggly
Music: well final countdown was in my head for a while although i dont exactly consider it a song...
Subject: why arrested development was amazing on monday
*george michael learns to express himself at the hippie school
"You donít respect me. How can I respect you, man?" (to his dad)

*lindsay learns to cook
"It's hot ham water."

*GOB learns how to get big tips after he accidentally becomes a waiter
"If you didnít have adult onset diabetes, I wouldnít mind giving you a little sugar."

*tobias doesnt learn to stop filling envelopes with glitter
"The glitter queen struck again. Never hire Tobias Funke" -casting director

*maeby learns more reasons why her dad cant get an acting job
"Now what we do is we paint our lips Joan Crawford red, pop on a little blue eyeliner and then plant a lipstick kiss on every one of them."

*GOBs parents learn where he has been making money
"Is he following people to their cars again?" -george senior

*michael learns that his dad was "the muffin man" in the 70's
"And whatever happened to the Muffin Man? Remember him? I always pictured a giant six-foot muffin trying to eat me while I was eating him. Itís kind of a fantasy I go to a lot now."

*buster learns that lindsay would have been a better mother for him than lucille
"You gave us cereal in an ashtray." (describing the only time lucille cooked for her children)

*the show's writers learn how to improve the ratings
"Tonight: An Arrested Development you canít miss. A cavalcade of stars. The shocking final moments will be presented live! And one of these people... will die." -announcement at the beginning
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