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paperheart (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2006 at 7:22pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Because of You- Kelly Clarkson

Time started: 7:22pm
Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Becky; Becca
Sex: Female
Birthday: August 13, 1988
Sign: Leo
Siblings: One brother
Eye color: Blue
Shoe size: 8-8 1/2
Height: 5'3"
What are you wearing right now: T-shirt & Pajama Pants
Where do you live: At home with my parents
Are you a righty or lefty: Righty
Relationships or no relationships: Relationships
Breakfast: I don't eat breakfast that often.
Favorite cartoon characters: Spongebob Squarepants & Jimmy Neutron

Have you ever?..
Given anyone a bath: Yes
Bungee Jumped: Yes
Parasailed: No, but I want to, and I will.
Made yourself throw-up: I tried, but I can't do it.
Gone skinny dipping: Yes
Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: Yes
Eaten a dog biscuit: When I was little.
Got your tongue stuck to a pole: No
Loved someone so much it made you cry: Yes
Played truth or dare: Of course.
Been in a physical fight: Yeah.. lol.
Been in a police car: Nope
Been in a hot tub: Yes
Swam in the ocean: mhmm.
Fallen asleep in school: Just once when I was sick. But the teacher yelled at me, and I haven't been able to sleep since. I was so afraid of him.
Ran away: No
Broken someone's heart: I doubt it.
Flashed someone: Yes
Cried in school: Yes
Fell off your chair: Yes
Saved MSN / AOL / AIM conversations: Only the important ones.
Saved e-mails: Yes
Fallen for a close or best friend?: Yeah

First thing that comes to mind...
Red: Roses
Blue: Sky
Autumn: Leaves
Cow: Moo
Cat: Meow
Nickel: Silver
Elbow: Nothing came to mind.

What is?..
Your room like: Small, but clean.
The last thing you said: "I'm bored."
Beside you right now: Papers, & Water

Have you?..
Had Chicken pox: Yeah.
Had a Sore Throat: Yeah. I have one right now as a matter of fact.
Loved anyone: Of course. I still do.

Do you?..
Believe in love at first sight: No. That bothers me.
Like picnics: I've never been on a picnic.
Like school: Yeah, only because I like to learn.
Like filling these out: Obviously
Wear contacts or glasses: No
Like yourself: Just depends.
Get along with your family: Yeah, sometimes.
Have piercings below the waist?: No

Would you?..
Eat a live hamster: Hell no.
Go to a Hanson concert: No
Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars: No, because I couldn't use the 15 billion dollars in jail.

Are you?..
Obsessive?: Yes; about alot of things.
Anorexic?: No.
Suicidal? No.

Who was the last person?..
You touched? My dog; if that counts.
You massaged: Jake
You Kissed: Jake
You yelled at: My dog
You had a crush on: Jake started out as a crush..
You were in love with: Jake; and I still am.
Who broke your heart: Kevin

Final questions...
How many people are you sending this to: None
What are you listening to right now: Football on TV
What did you do yesterday: Went to school && came home.
Last night: Nothing.
What is your favorite band: At the moment; The Academy Is.
Hated someone in your family: Yes
Got any awards: Yes.
Have you ever gone streaking? No
Want to get married someday: Yes
What is your favorite video game? Madden Football [any year]
Have a lava lamp?: Yes
How many remote controls are in your house: About 10
Are you double jointed: Not that I know of.
What do you dream about: Everything.
The last movie you saw in theatres? The Incredibles. It's been a while.
Scary or happy movies: Both
Root beer or Dr. Pepper: I don't drink pop.
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Jell-O; haha.
Silver or Gold: Gold
Diamond or pearl: Diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise
Phone or in person: In person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Youngest
End Time?: 7:42pm

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