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whispers (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2006 at 12:48am
Current mood: Happy & Tired
Subject: Lindz Day
I was with Lindsey for about 6 hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Her baby is by far the cutest thing I've seen since I last looked at my baby pictures lol. Sydney (Lindsey, sorry if I spelled her name wrong, tell me how to do it so I don't do it wrong again) is so tiny, and funny. I love that little girl.

I needed that dose of Lindsey though. I really did. All my friends that I've been hangin out with are amazing, but I missed Lindsey so much. Tanya did good by even mentioning her to me that one day. Ahh.. I had so much fun. Totally gonna do it again sometime soon. Next Sunday I'm going to Chicago, so maybe the Thursday before that, or after. We'll see.

So, my uncle and cousin almost died. Marisa got up to go to the bathroom, but she fainted, and my aunt and uncle heard her hit the floor. My uncle flew out of his bed, went over to Marisa.. then he fainted. My aunt was screaming and yelling for Scott to get up (he sleeps with his window open, vent closed, and door closed), went over to Marisa and Ralph. My aunt was on the phone with 911. Anyway, so Scott took Marisa and Ralph out to the deck. Their house was at like a 410 carbon monoxide rate, when you're supposed to be at like a 10 or something. 40, whatever. Anyway, so that's what happened. My cousin and uncle were hooked up to oxygen systems for about half the day. Poor guys. They're alright now though.

So, that's my day. How was yours?
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