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justplainolemica (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2006 at 10:51pm
Every now and then I find a moment in life that just makes me pause to say wow. And last night was one of those moments. Friday night I get to go be a groupie for my Charlie's band at some podunk bar in a town that I dont know where it is. But I'm really really excited about it. Thats the part that makes me say wow. It's not that I'm super into music, if you knew me youd know that about the only cds that make it into my car are: Rent, Pete Yorn, and Medical Termonology. So its not like I'm super into music by any means. Just the look on his face when he told me he got to play. I love to see the real Charlie smile. There's a difference between when he smiles because he thinks he should and the smile because he's truely happy. This was a truely happy smile and that made me wow. I want to be there to see him rock his stuff!
Also I just re-read some of his "squishy" entries, and that made me smile too!
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