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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2006 at 3:03pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: Avenged Sevenfold-"Bat Country"

I've been watching videos. Currently, the used "in love and death" and it has clockwork orange references! :) And I like my chemical romance videos. You should check out bright eyes "bowl of oranges". And I hate simple plan. A lot. You should list to Interpol, though. Iím listening to evil now. I like their lyrics and his voice.

Iím going to go buy some pants at Carsonís, assuming I can find some for less than twenty's sort of a pointless search, eh? Oh, well. Something to do.

So we've discovered that Justin has an insane amount of jealousy when I go near another guy. I love knowing when someone cares, but you know how easy it is to say and show it? Itís so much harder to hide's nice to know he cares. It isnít even just other guys. Heís so protective of me, as if he's afraid ill get hurt. And he gets angry with anything he doesnít like...and Zak pointed out that he expects a lot more from me than anyone else. By the way, this isnít me getting my hopes up so much as feeling this strange sense of victory.
It seems kind of bad to feel like Iíve won something, but I seem to be altering the people with whom Iím hanging out. Theyíre just tiny things but it's satisfying to see some ramifications streaming from me. It makes me feel like I have some importance.
Of course, that also means that Iíve been changed. But I donít mind so much; I honestly donít think I could come out of a friendship unchanged. And contrary to what some people think, I donít think that they are all bad changes. And Iím also not the only one changing. I think itís a fear. As if changing the places you go and the people you hang out with isnít enough, changing habits and beliefs is tough to accept.

I just realized: I donít even know what complacent means. Itís okie. Ill look it up before I post. Yes, Iím right.

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