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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2006 at 12:21am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Juelz Santana
Subject: New Year
yet again another new year is upon us, yes your sayin but john its already jan. 12th. well fuck you I been super busy. Christmas was alright I guess, I worked of course as I do every holiday. Didn't really do anything speacial. on christmas eve I went to the friends family to celebrate, introduced them all to my girl who is actually related to them anyway. New Years eve was boring , yet again I worked but my friend came in early so I got to leave at 11 instead of midnight. Rushed over to the girls to watch the ball drop with her. Yay our 1st ball dropping event together .. My new years resolution was to quit chewing snuff, well that lasted a whole 9 days, although I do have to admit I have cut back alot. Instead of chewing 1 can a day, I chew like once or twice a day now. Nothing exciting else to report. Tryin to find a new place to live. Can't find a new house I like though so bleh .. I hate moving .. Im getting rid of alot of this shit .. I don't need all this junk. Nothing else except that I miss my baby dearly. She needs to find a college closer to home god damn it.

Kunta signing off
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