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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2006 at 10:07pm
Tonight was fun.
I hung out with Sammie, Leah, and Courtany. We met up with a bunch of random guys I didn't know. It was pretty damn awkward, because they were all churchy and the girls there like hated us. But, Tim was cool. Like.. yeah.. I want to get to know Tim.. hahaha. Yeah.. let's just leave it at that. Ok, he's SEXY. I said it. There.

Anyway, I like hanging out with old friends and getting to know new people. It's so crazy how I seem to make new friends every week. I love it. I'm sad that it wasn't like this sooner.

Mishy.. it BETTER have been me. Cross your fingers for me, ahaha. Maybe we can watch Batman Begins and HIYA sometime. :)

Tomorrow is gonna be fun.

I really need to figure myself out.
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