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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2006 at 10:20pm
i LOVE every other saturday...... they're always perfect. ALWAYS, and yesterday was no exception. i say everyother saturday because i dont work every other saturday and keegan never works saturdays.. so we get to be together all day long.

we're both semi broke right now.. so for most the day we just lounged around his house. i got teh 8th season of friends, his mom made one of my favorite dinners (tatertot caserole) and it was just nice to be home all day. then we met stacy, dani, dustin, devin, and brandi downtown and saw that pink floyd laser show at the planetarium (sp). which was most deffinately an acid trip... lol. i dont think you get the full effect if you're not stoned.... which heaven knows we werent... laughs* but it was pretty cool. WAY to much stimulation for the eyes though. ouuuch. after that me and keegan went to oasis which was wonderful. we got there around 12 and had the greek room reserved which i've been wanting to see since prom last year. it was amazing. (keegan popped his OTHER shoulder out of joint a few days ago.. so its been pretty sore.. hense us going to oasis and me having an "excuse" to get a new bathing suit.... giggles) but yeah... it was awesome. i thought it was an indoor room, but we walked in and theres murals all over the walls and a fire place and statues.... but no ceiling. it was just beautiful. the perfect end to the perfect night. then we went home and fell asleep and got up this morning to go to a new church. we're looking for a church. we went to Sparta babtist this morning... which was nice, but we wanna try a bunch of different ones.. so if you have an suggestions... comment. we're looking for a contemporary service with contemp. music. and we're not looking to become involved with a youth group... just sundays.

everything just feels so right. not only are we going on 14 strong months.. but we're still so incredibly happy. never have we almost "broke up", because we're mature enough to handle our arguments. i've never felt this way before. EVER. i thought i did once... i though THAT was love... and i couldnt have been more wrong. now, i find myself falling in love with my best friend... and although its a process that may take anywhere from a month to a couple years to fully develop... im looking so forward to that moment that i've been dreaming of my whole life.. where i can look that ONE person in the eyes express that age old 3 letter phrase that people have been saying since the dawn of time.

we're so on track with eachother. and i think its awesome that we're growing spiritually together.

*smiles* i admire you!
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