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alliecat210 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2006 at 5:51pm
Subject: 269
Things are going alright, I guess. Nothing to complain about.

I really like school. Sociology is my favorite I think. It really makes you think about why you are the way you are. Or why others are the way they are.

Hours have been cut at work because January is a really slow month but that's alright I guess. I wish I were working more than 18 hours a week right now though, without a doubt.

Justin goes back to work pretty soon. I'm kind of excited but not really. I hardly ever get to really see him when it's asphalt season, which has it's ups and downs. Today we had our first real argument in a while. It was dumb. We both need to be kicked.

Alright well I'm doing some laundry so, later.
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