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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2006 at 3:52pm
Today turned out all right. I didn't exactly start the morning off well, but I tried to get over it and just get through the day.

Last night was a lot of fun. I went shopping for some people, then hung out with Lisa, Chris, and Devin. I love how whenever Devin and I hang out we never do anything, but we still end up laughing the entire time and just having fun. And nooo, we're not dating, just to clear that up for some people who've been asking. I just love being around him and we're good friends. I mean do you really have to be dating to have sex? Really now, ahahaha.. I crack myself up.

So, I get to Econ today and we get our tests back... 102% BIOTCH.
I cannot believe it. I was $7,000 off, when we were only allowed to be $1,000 off! Did he just not notice?! Ahaha.. hey, I am not complaining. I am passing that class and I'm extremely happy about it.
I am excited for the new semester simply because that class is OVER.

Anyway, Dani's going to be getting me and we're gonna go visit poor Ashley in hopes of making her feel better!

Today was good. I need to just remember I have so much to look forward to and stop living in the past. It's over and I need to accept that. Hey, I'm working on it.

Oh, and Jess.. thanks for the poem. It made me smile, haha. I love you, my bitch. :)
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