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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2006 at 8:48pm
Current mood: Sad*
Subject: January 18, 2006* :(
Holla Dawgs! Lol. I’m turning GaNsTa. Rachael is making me this way, haha.

Anywhooo: so this past weekend definitely didn’t turn out the way that I had planned since like last Monday haha, BUT it still was a good weekend. Friday, the game, I had sooo much fun. As everyone knows by now, we beat Sparta. I ended up going to the game with Kyrstal and Alex because Rachael had to work… blah. Then after that I went over to Krystals for a while then left and came home and did absolutely nothing. What a wonderful Friday huh lol? Saturday, I so didn’t even wake up or even start getting dress for anything until like 2:30. It was awesome. But Saturday afternoon(ish) I went over to David’s and we watched movies. Then Steven come over there. Definitely haven’t seen him in awhile. Then I left David’s and came home at about 11:30ish. Sunday I did like nothing and Monday we didn’t have school thank gosh. I don’t remember, it was either Sunday or Monday that I went and seen my lovely Ashley. She’s sick and I love her so I brought her a flower and ice cream. I went over to Kevin N Lee’s for a bit, then hung out with Rachael for a little bit on Tuesday because we had a snow day and it wasn’t even snowing haha, and I seen her puppy Mya! Awwwwwww, is all I have to say. I’m gunna take a picture of her next time I see her and post it because she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

And well today… school. I friggen hate school. I’m trying to get switched out of my first hour (sorry Amanda), but it doesn’t seem to be working out and its pissing me off. But yeah so today after school I went and seen Ashley again because I missed her. This week is gunna suck without her. She’s writing me a note tomorrow though and putting it in my locker when she comes in to get her homework, yay lol. Oh and tomorrow im going back over to ashleys just because… I can and we need to finish our movie that we started watching today… “Red Eye”. So yeah this weekend don’t really have anything planned just yet. Probably game on Friday. Saturday I don’t have a clue. Sunday… mmmh maybe hanging out with David, not sure. And so yeah that’s all I got really.

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Happy Birthday Sara! (On Friday)


R.I.P James Fitzgerald. Kari Ann I Love You And Im Always Here For You Hun. You Know The Digits.
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