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courtney115 (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2006 at 5:21pm
Current mood: Better
Music: Mine's Not a High Horse- The Shins
Subject: Just Stuff
Today went a lot better than I thought it would, considering the fact I have all core classes today besides E.R period. I got an A on my oral presentation in English class and a B on the sentance structure test, which I was so overjoyed about that I almost high-fived Melanie's hand off.

You know, things haven't been so great lately, but it's okay, because they're getting better. I think I need to learn how to become more positive and less judgemental. Like, who cares if Will and I are the lowest group in our entire class of table tennis? What does it matter? And what do I care if the popular girls are retarted and senseless? Whatever.

Anyway, new I-con of Sylvia Plath. God, she is the most amazing writer ever, and I love her work. She is (was) amazing.

I'm pretty excited to go to the mall with my sister this weekend. Can't wait to buy things! Hooray for retail therepy!
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